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John Trautschold working on his Velocity



Jabiru First Flight

Just completed the first flight in Jabiru SP N284E with Rotec water cooled heads.  Water temp max was 160 degrees f.  Had to stop for oil temp, but that was not a surprise.  The oil cooler inlet is only about 4 square inches right now.  I’ll open it up and may get another flight in yet today.  Aircraft speed is slow, topping out about about 80 mph, which was also expected (not quite that slow) because of the oversize un-faired gear and the Warp Drive prop.

The 62 diameter WD prop for this flight was as-delivered at 8 degrees tip angle.  That is 28 inches pitch.  The angle at 60% is 18.5 degrees which is 38.5 inches pitch.  At 2600 rpm, the 8 deg tip is screwing forward at 69 mph.  So at 80 mph, it’s working against fwd flight.  Cranking up the angles on an Excel spread sheet, the prop twist at 16.5 degrees tip angle evens out at every station to about 60 inches pitch.  So the prop would be pretty good for an aircraft designed to go about 170 mph.

I flew the 8 deg prop on my Sonex and lost 10 knots and half of my climb rate.  Static rpm was only 2700 compared to 3050 with the Sonex Sensenich.  I lowered the blade pitch to get the static rpm up, but lost performance with each of two 1 degree reductions.  I have a 62 x 49 Sensenich which I will try next on the SP, but it is probably too much.  I’ll also try the Sonex prop on the SP soon.  The SP POH says the standard prop is a 60x42.  42 pitch at 2600 rpm would be 103 mph with no slip.  Got a ways to go.

I’ll be waiting for summer to start closing down the radiator inlet and making a decent looking scoop.  160 df h2o is low but it’s only about 60 df oat this morning.  Radiator inlet area is currently 36 square inches.
David Wilcox

February 7th Winslow Fly-out




Chapter Meeting January 25th Minutes

EAA Chapter 810 General Meeting - January 25, 2018


The meeting is called to order at 6:15 pm.


The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to organize and develop a plan for 2018.


Started with introductions of the board, then everyone went around the room to Introduce themselves.


Jim Garner talks briefly about having to bow out of Young Eagles.  He’s been talking to someone about taking over but doesn’t have a confirmation yet. More to come. 


Marie Fasano talks briefly about trying to get the high school involved in projects like the Zing. She and Ken Rice have made some contacts but they are waiting for replies.


Aero Fair Discussion - Margie Oldenkamp and Dennis Deuker: The Town is 100% on-board and is agreeing to do it on October 6. It’s already on the Town calendar.  Margie’s insurance is covering it. Her insurance does not permit YE flights or other moving aircraft. Can have booths to sell things. Talking about doing a breakfast provided by a yet-to-be-named group. Shiela deSchaff is new airport coordinator. She is working on getting a coordinator for the fair. Margie's insurance is very specific as to what can or cannot be done. 


Dennis Deuker - The mayor is behind it. The event will not be called the Aero Fair - it’s being called the “Payson Airport Appreciation Day and Open House”. Native Air and PHI have committed to doing displays. The Town is not promoting a fly-in or an air show.  The airport will continue to be open for transient aircraft, although certain ramps will be closed for the “Open House”. He encourages EAA members to bring their aircraft for the static display.


No aircraft on display can start engines. The town is looking for a coordinator. Groups can do raffles even including future rides. 


Zing project: Tom West leads this discussion - Trying involve the high school kids. Regarding the engine, the hope is to have the high school kids start the engine then tear it down, inspect and rebuild. We might also want to replace the engine at some point.  Repairs are needed. It's never been flown and we need to repair it before it can be flying. Tom asks all interested to check out the repairs needed to one of the wings (after the meeting) that was damaged when the original owner took it apart.


PHI and Native Air brochures are available for insurance for helicopter trips. Their insurance covers whatever private insurance does not cover. Typical medical trips cost $15,000!


Young Eagles: - we need to start to organize this for later this year. A suggestion is made to have a YE booth at the Open House in October and to do the YE weekend a couple of weeks after.


Tom West asks about doing fly outs - perhaps during the week? Looking for suggestions on places to go. The Chapter will pick a day in February and a location and we'll see who shows up. 


Next meeting date?  Last Thursday of February - the 22nd. Location to be determined.


Don't forget that dues are now due! Price is the same = $15.


David Wilcox - Treasurer - Balance of $9159 after paying $400 to national. 


Meeting adjourns at 7:45 pm.


Respectively Submitted,

John Trautschold

EAA Chapter 810 Secretary



Upcoming Evants

Monthly Meeting February 22nd.


Tom West's Hangar.

1300 W Aviator Circle

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